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Your Personal Information is on the Dark Web!

Imagine getting an email with that subject line. Frankly, I'd be afraid to open the email at all. Seems fishy, right? Well, maybe not.

Recently, I was trained at ASG on a high-level program that allows me to see what information is on the Dark Web by using your email as a search. So, for example: I type "" into the search, and behold a bunch of hits on the web for my password, address, birthdate, name and more. *IMMEDIATE PANIC.*

But, do not fear, ASG is here! (I thought that sounded witty. Judge me if you want.) There could be many reasons your information was exposed. It could be as simple as the password you've used since your AIM account at age 14 was hacked along the way and you just continued to use that same password. I'm 100% not judging you if you do... talking to you "JonasBrosLover1."

Another reason could be your business had a breach on a database that housed passwords and now everyone at the office has personal information floating around. That's where we come in. ASG gets a daily report of the companies we monitor. We see a problem, we tell you right away. You change your passwords and we lock it down.

Want to learn more about how this feature can help your business? I would. Reach out to us on our site or on our socials and we'll get a meeting set for you.

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