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Working From Home Made Easier

Working From Home Made Easier

You may have heard of RingCentral by now. Its the golden ticket to working from home. With instant messaging, desktop and PC phone systems, and an app for your personal phones... there really isn't a thing that RingCentral can't do. One of the highlights is that you really don't even need an office phone anymore. RingCentral allows you to make calls right from your personal cell phone or your computer. Let's take a deeper look into what they offer: Instant Messaging Platform: Similar to what Slack and Teams offers, RingCentral gives you the ability to message people in your office from your desktop, PC and phone. The conversation continues on any platform you use. You have the option to attach files, photos, send GIF's and react to messages like you would in an iMessage. Virtual Meetings: The famed virtual backgrounds that made their presence known during the beginning of the pandemic are available in RingCentral too. Our favorite really is still the Tiger King backgrounds- so nostalgic at this point, honestly. RingCentral allows you to invite anyone from outside your organization to join you on virtual meetings that integrate with Outlook and Google calendars but, that don't require a desktop download that takes up space on your computer like Zoom does. You can start a meeting with your coworkers at any time without having to create a meeting and send out invites. The best part, in our opinion, is RingCentral allows you to toggle between video calls on your phone and your computer. Say you're out on an errand and a coworker needs to talk to you- you can answer on your phone and switch to your computer with the click of a button. Phone Calls and In-The-Office Integration: We know one of the biggest challenges for some businesses at the start of the pandemic was how they would get their employees working from home to be able to make calls without releasing their personal phone numbers. Google numbers were a good option but, didn't always work in the most professional way. Well, with RingCentral, you're able to call, text, and fax right from your phone... without using you personal phone number. When you create an account in RingCentral, you're given a new "direct" phone number that isn't associated with a personal phone number. The RingCentral app on your phone works exactly the way your personal phone will. You simply click the app and have access to texting contacts in your phone, sending a fax from documents on your phone or in your computer, and the ability to call any phone number you need to- either from your phone or from your computer.

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