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How to Select the Best IT Provider for Your Business

Trying to decide who to trust with the security of your company computers and servers can seem intimidating, overwhelming, and tedious. Each IT provider has their own set of strengths that may seem like the best option for your company. But, how do you really know what to look for when picking an IT team?

  1. They offer more than just IT support

  2. Can the company provide more for you than just computer management? Do they offer a phone service? What about security training? A good IT Provider, also known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP,) will help your company gear up for a successful future with proactive solutions and management of systems. Good MSP's tend to have partnerships with other services or products that can be helpful to your business. For example, ASG partners with RingCentral which is a cloud-based phone system that allows for seamless integration between desk phones, computer phones, and cell phone apps. You're able to provide employees the same number they use in their office and are able to host meetings and text clients through the app without releasing any personal phone numbers. ASG is also partnered with Office 365.

  3. Talk to them about backups and enhanced security options

  4. Having a secure off-site data service center is one of the best indications that the MSP you're interviewing will be able to securely protect your data. You should also look for a team that regularly updates on known breaches or security issues. At ASG, we're proud to offer monthly security training to our clients. We are able to send fake emails with links where we can track to see who opens and submits data. Once completed, we then send these employees a training video to watch about the dangers of the DarkWeb and submission of data to unknown sources.

  5. Is able to grow with your business

  6. We all want to watch our companies grow and thrive but, what if the MSP you pick isn't able to grow along with you? You'll be back on the hunt for someone who is and that can cost your company time and secure networks when you're in between MSP's. Is the IT company able to handle the security on more and more computers? Are they able to add licenses and have new computers ordered in a reasonable amount of time?

  7. Treats your company as more than just a client

  8. As part of the small/medium business group in the WNY area, our passion is watching and helping other small business like us excel to be the best they can be. The first step is talking to them about the needs you're looking to have met. They should be reassuring and positive that they are able to successfully complete the tasks needed. If you're sensing confusion or push-back, they're likely not going to be a good fit for your company.

So, what comes next? How do you decide?

Let's start with a quick meeting- virtually, in our office, at your office, or even over a drink or coffee. We're really just the most fun-loving and outgoing group of IT nerds so, honestly, just get us out of the office! We're ready to get your business to the next level.

Schedule a meeting here:

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