Update on Remote Access & Coronavirus

Update on Remote Access & Coronavirus

We have been fielding many calls regarding remote access to office computers. The response from our last email blast has been a learning experience (enlightening).

One of the items we have uncovered, many of our clients have employees who would like to work from home, but it’s costly to order a new laptop, just for a couple months.

In light of this, we are offering a 3rd party remote tool that will allow our clients to use their existing home computers to access office desktops securely,

The cost per remote desktop is:

1-5 Computers                  : $14.00 per month

6-15 Computers                : $12.50 per month

16 + Computers                : $10.00 per month

We do require a 3-month commitment, in addition, we anticipate a 30 minutes per computer installation charge.

If you are interested, the best way to move forward is to open a ticket on service board using the following link: http://support.asg-365.com/tickets/ticket.php

In the ticket, we would need:

The number of employees who require remote access

Employee names

Cell number and timeframe they will be home so we can work with them.

Computer system name (can be found in life ring in task tray)

As always, we will do our best to assist all our clients, in a timely manner.

Thank you, we understand when the unknown happens is can be overwhelming.

My advice, don’t panic, take everything in small bites and realize we will all get through this together.

-- Brian Atkinson

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