Top 5 Reasons to switch to an SSD

As time goes on, it makes more and more sense to switch from a HDD (traditional hard drive) to an SSD (solid state drive). If you haven’t already switched, what is holding you back?

Here are our top 5 reasons to go SSD.

1. Speed: By far the biggest benefit of switching to SSD from HDD is speed. SSDs don’t have to mechanically access data like HDDs do, thus making them much faster. Computers boot faster, and programs run faster. And when we say faster, we mean it is 100% noticeable to the average human. If your computer is 2-3 years old and you upgrade the drive, it can feel up to 10 times faster.

2. Durability and Reliability: While we by no means recommend throwing around your computer, falls do happen (especially with laptops). SSDs have no moving parts, which drastically reduces the chance of being broken during falls or rough treatment.

3. Improved Productivity: Regardless of what you are using your computer for, the speed is increased, and you save time. This includes everything from waiting for programs to open to running multiple system heavy programs at the same time. This improves productivity which can maximize your time. As they say, time is money.

4. Better Cooling: SSDs use flash memory while HDDs use a spinning platter. This alone generates significantly less heat, keeping your overall system cooler. Cooler systems mean better longevity.

5. Energy Efficiency: SSDs require less energy to run, meaning the charge on your laptop should last longer.

We feel confident in saying that faster computing is always going to be something people want. Just think how this could help in your business (or personal) world.

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