How To Write A Professional Email Signature

You want an email signature to look professional, but where do you start? Follow these steps for what to include and what to leave out.

Keep it short and sweet. An email signature is not something meant to read through. You should be able to quickly look and find what you are looking for. People look at this as a way to get information on how to further reach you.

Use image – of yourself or company logo. If you have a professional picture of yourself that will stand out, and if not your company logo is always a good bet.

Link to social media. Include links to social media, but only if it is an active account. Also it is a good idea to limit yourself to the top 3 or 4 most active networks. People probably will not click on every link but they may click on one specifically for the type of information usually shared within that network.

Stick to a maximum of 2 colors – branded to your company. Using too many colors can look unorganized and confusing. Use black or colors branded to your company.

Use web-safe fonts. Email clients tend to read code differently than browsers, and this could affect your signature if you are using a font that client doesn't know. The most safe fonts to use are Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman/Times and Courier New/Courier.

Keep it professional. Use only work-related information. Link to websites that are related to your job and stay away from inspirational/motivational quotes. There are places for tag-lines, but your email signature is not one of them.

Use an email signature generator. If creating one on your own isn't your thing, consider using a generator. Hubspot has a great, easy to use generator.

Your email signature is a great way to share information while also branding your company. Make sure yours has the most important bits of information that you want people to know, and the best ways to reach out to you. If you are sending a professional email, make sure to include the signature every time!

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