How To Check Your Privacy Settings On Facebook

Privacy Checkup has been around since 2014, but Facebook recently updated the tool to include more features. So even if you have done it recently, you should go through it again. Note that Facebook’s privacy settings are more about what other people can and can’t see about you, NOT what information the network can collect about you. If you don’t want Facebook to collect any information about you, it is best not to use it at all.

Privacy checkup is now broken down into 4 sections:

  • Who Can See What You Share: You can control what sensitive information you have on your profile and who can see it. These are things like email address, phone number, birthday, hometown and relationship status.

  • How to Keep Your Account Secure: Allows you to change your password and control how you receive alerts about logins it does not recognize.

  • How People Can Find You on Facebook: Allows you to control how people can find you on Facebook – whether you want anyone to be able to send you a friend request, or only friends of friends.

  • Your Data Settings on Facebook: Allows you to control what apps and websites you have used Facebook to log into.

To get to Privacy Checkup, click the question mark in the blue tool bar, and then Privacy Checkup.

You can follow through on a guided tour to update your settings.

There are further privacy options under Settings. Use the down arrow in the blue tool bar, click on settings and then Privacy in the side menu to reach these.

In here you can also review/update who you are blocking, your timeline and tagging settings and face recognition. For instance, if you do not want Facebook to recognize you in posts made by other people, you can turn the feature off. You can also turn off location history in this section.

One last area to keep an eye on is Here you will see an overview of everything that is privacy. This includes the legal information and safety information. You can also learn about how Facebook ads work and manage your ad preferences. You can add or delete your interests and what kinds of ads you will allow shown. You cannot opt out of seeing ads on Facebook completely, but you can opt out of seeing ads based on your browsing history. You can also opt out of ad topics of Alcohol, Parenting and Pets.

Deactivating your Facebook account will always be the best way to ensure privacy, but it has become a part of many people’s daily lives making that difficult. You should however regularly check up on your privacy settings.

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