Are Your Kids Safe Online?

Franky, its a topic that so many have to navigate but, kids can be witty and determined to make you believe they are being safe. So, if that's the case for you, we compiled a list of things that should give you red flags.

Let's get started...

Before working at ASG, I worked for a grammar school. While we of course always hoped our students were being smart about the sites they visited- whether it was in school or on their phones, many times we came across instances where sites that could be detrimental were visited. Have you heard of Momo? Neither had we until it was brought to our attention by a parent of a Kindergarten student who was forced to watch the Momo video on the bus ride home. But, the internet dangers span much further than Momo...

Snapchat for example... can be fun, can be dangerous. Who doesn't love a good dog ear filter or beauty filter when you aren't feeling your best? The problem is, today's youth are finding ways to purchase drugs on Snapchat. Recently, mother and TV Host/Therapist's son overdosed on drugs he had purchased through Snapchat. The drugs were laced with Fentanyl, causing the overdose. It's surprising and terrifying how simple it is for kids to buy drugs over social media. There are countless phrases, words, and emoji that are used to indicate the intent to purchase drugs. For Fentanyl, common uses are blue hearts and pill emojis. Meth is known as Tina or the cloud emoji. Below is a graphic indicating some of the common phrases that are used (parentology).

In a time where so many of the nation's students have transitioned to either hybrid-learning or full-remote learning, technology is more prominent than ever. Another fear many parents have voiced is learning or meeting with friends in unsecure chat rooms. Finding ways to limit exposure on chat rooms can be easy with simple searches for information but, what if your children are on Social Media? Chat rooms are available there as well. Believe it or not, you are able to control many of the settings for inappropriate content through your Wi-Fi networks. If you aren't sure how to do this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. Some common chat rooms are Omegle, Chatib, Chatogo, and Allotalk.

With lax safety features and the ability to lie about age with ease, it can open the door for many dangers for our kids. Technically, you are supposed to be 13 years or older and must have a parent's permission before logging on to the chat site. With the capability for video chats, children are subjected to people who lie about their age, are predators, and more. Chats are meant to be anonymous but, Snapchat handles or Instagram handles are shared with ease. Many kids even go the extent to download texting apps or chat apps such as Kik where they are able to message without sharing their personal phone numbers or Social Media accounts.

Interested in creating parental controls on your Wi-Fi network?

Visit here for a step by step instructional.

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