The Importance of Backups

Computers are everywhere these days. Just think about how many people you know take vacations to ‘unplug’ – i.e. to get away from computers/notifications/being constantly accessible. That aside, computers have become such a huge part of everyday life that we don’t even notice it. One of the most common being the cellphone that is likely always on you. Even flip phones have a contact list of information. Would you know how to contact the people on yours without that saved information? Would this cause a problem?

Now think about how much of your productivity would be compromised if you lost other information. Information pertaining to your family or your job. How much of a headache would be caused by losing a document you spent all morning working on?

Backing up your files is important.

We probably all have been working on a computer at one point or another and gotten interrupted, losing our train of thought and ultimately losing time. But what happens when you lose the entire file? Or an entire folder full of important files? How much time is lost then? While some people may possess photographic memory and be able to recall everything that was lost, the majority are not able to.

Backing up your files helps remove this from the equation.

Having a backup means you can access these files should something happen to the computer or device you are working on. Having a backup means not having to recall everything saved in those critical files. Having a backup can save time, money and most certainly ease your mind.

Your data is invaluable; you need a recovery option.

You do not have to back up the entire drive your computer uses, but DO backup these:

  • Personal files: Photos, financial documents, medical documents. Think about what you have saved. If it makes you nervous to lose those files – back them up.

  • Work-related files: The easiest way to approach this is to back up any files you took the time to save.

There are many ways to back up files currently, and likely more will pop up with time. The two most popular being the cloud and physical backup drives. Figure out which works best for you personally and professionally and do that.

Remember though, while backing up your files is very important, it is also important to check those backups from time to time. Make sure they are working and accessible should you need them. Make backing up and checking backups part of your routine. If someone is managing this for you, ask and check the files that are critical to you are working.

The world runs on data, and so do most people’s lives.

Back up your files.

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