ASG 365 is dedicated to offering local companies a reliable service at an affordable price that fits their business needs. We believe that our Security Suite offers the perfect combination of proactive monitoring and managed services for all your PCs and servers. If a problem does arise, our technicians have the tools and knowledge to get your PC up and running in no time. Remote access, help desk ticket support, and customer phone support are just a few of the ways our technicians are able to assist you today.


How can ASG help you?

Active Monitoring

  • Physical Health Checks

  • Daily AntiVirus Checks

  • Drive Consumption Checks

  • Hacker Checks

  • Physical Health Checks

  • WSUS Checks - Windows Updates Patch updates

  • SNMP Checks of RAID drives (Servers only)

  • SNMP Check of power supplies (Servers only)

Ticket System / Remote Access

  • iTracs Web based ticket system

  • Remote Access and Diagnostics

  • Web based Help Desk Ticketing program

  • Included Remote Support 

  • Personal Client Portal to Desktops

  • iTracs Web based ticket system

Managed Services

  • Automated Routine PC Maintenance Defrags, clear temp files

  • Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Web Protection against phishing sites

  • Web Content Filtering

  • Advanced Malware / Antivirus Protection

  • Microsoft Update Patch Management

  • Managed AntiVirus with Bitdefender

Billing / On-site support

  • Monthly Billing for Support

  • On-site meetings with Network Administrator regarding technical risks, long term planning, implementing new technology, proper documentation and more...

Reports / Inventory

  • Critical Event & Reports

  • Daily & Weekly Client Reports

  • Asset Tracking & Inventory

  • Bandwidth and Performance History Report

  • Help Desk Monthly Reports

  • and many more...

Kelly Stephenson - Controller

The Service Collaborative of Western New York

"ASG has been an asset to TSC! They managed a seamless upgrade to Office 365. We also use their Managed Support Package with remote desktop support and our employees have a direct connection to them right from their desktop. They get help with a click of a button. The response time is amazing. Glad we found ASG!"

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