This Month Is CyberSecurity Awareness Month. We decided to put tips on our website to keep you safe and secure. 

Tip #1 

Never click links in emails or texts that seem to come from your bank, the IRS, or any other institution. If you think the message might be valid, log into your account directly, without using the supplied link.

Tip #2 

Create very strong and complex passwords and change them often, and never, ever reuse a password on another site or account.

This will stop hackers from easily being able to access your accounts!

Tip #3 

Limit employee access to data and information, limit authority to install software.Do not provide any one employee with access to all data systems. Employees should only be given access to the specific data systems that they need for their jobs, and should not be able to install any software without permission.

Tip #4 


A tech support scam is a form of Internet fraud that is currently gaining momentum on the Internet. The scam implements social engineering and fear tactics in order to get the victim to take the bait. There are three main ways this scam is executed- via cold calls, pop-up messages on the computer and incorrect search engine results.

Tip #5

Many social media sites now allow you to augment password authentication with at least one secondary authentication method, such as Facebook’s Login Approvals, which uses a token (security code) sent to your cellphone by SMS or its own authenticator app.


We encourage you guys add this step to your Facebook!

Tip #6

Be conscientious of what you plug in to your computer. Malware can be spread through infected flash drives, external hard drives, and phones.

Tip #7

Do you update your computer often? Listen to what Chris Webb has to say on the subject! 

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